I offer a wide range of professional services outlined briefly below. If your project requires professional research, writing, editing, training or facilitation skills please get in touch.


With advanced training in natural and social sciences, fine arts and the humanities, I am able to design and carry out complex, multi-disciplinary research projects. My previous work has involved both qualitative and quantitative methods ranging from literary analysis to semi-structured interviews to chi-squared tests. I have conducted social and biological field work in Canada, Africa and Asia and have experience leading multicultural and multilingual research teams in remote areas.

Writing & Editing

I offer professional copywriting services, assistance shaping your ideas into a manuscript, substative editing, copyediting or proofreading services, drop me a line. I’m happy to discuss your project and see how I can assist. My areas of expertise include poetry and creative non-fiction, Environmental Humanities, ecocriticism, critical development studies, social anthropology and related fields. I have extensive experience working with scholars and writers whose first language is not English.

Teaching & Facilitation

I design and deliver courses and seminars at the post-secondary level, provide one-on-one tutoring, and facilitate meetings and group processes. Courses and tutorials taught include Animal Studies, Tropical Conservation and Sustainable Development, Environmental Monitoring, Computer Science, and Math Fundamentals.

Project Management

I work with small businesses and non-profit organizations to develop their ideas into strategic plans and project proposals, develop funding applications, conduct monitoring, evaluation and learning, and prepare interim and final reports.