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HA&L magazine issue 13.1

Guest Editors: Alec Follet and Matthew Zantingh

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Madhur Anand • Elise Arsenault • Lisa Szabo-Jones • Lyn Baldwin • Deborah Bowen • Daniel Coleman • John Farr • Alec Follett • Linda Frank • Catherine Gibbon • Geoff Martin • Sarah McGibbon • Emily McGiffin • Kevin Michael Murphy • Robert Pasquini • E. Robert Ross • Daniel Rotsztain • Geoffrey Skirrow • John Terpstra • Matthew Zantingh • AND MORE TO COME IN HA&L RAVE INCLUDING: Hamilton’s Leo Dragtoe • Elizabeth Tessier • and HA&L’s Cross-Canada Book Reviews Project continues!!!

Books in Progress

Into the Continent, my third book of poetry in progress, interrogates early nineteenth-century settler-colonialism in Canada and South Africa. Colonial Europeans shaped the troubled recent histories of these two nations and gave shape to contemporary understandings of land and identity that are often knotty. My poetic project asks several questions of colonial histories: How can we revisit and thoughtfully investigate our memories and narratives of the past? What are the larger stories of dispossession and displacement that ripple through our colonial past? How might the legacy of these iterative cultural traumas be transformed? The book draws on my year of research in South Africa examining the history of apartheid, nine months in Scotland delving into the histories of the Scottish Clearances, and five weeks at the Al Purdy A-Frame in former Upper Canada researching settler histories and narratives.